Architectural Facility

Introduction of Architectural Facility Business

The architectural facility of JINSUNG ENG Co., Ltd. provides the pleasant and hygienic indoor environment by establishing piping for water, electricity and gas etc. to be used in a actual life boundary of people.

The functions of buildings are diversified along with improvement of the standard of living. In addition, as the scale of buildings becomes larger and their functions become more complicated, the facilities to be constructed for buildings should be installed with expertise based on technical skills and know-how on all construction fields. With our own unique technical skills, we provide an integrated solution for gas, water supply, drainage, heating, air-conditioning and fire facilities that could be referred to as the vascular system or the nervous system of buildings.

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  • Business Performance
  • Hirose Korea Precision Connector Center New Construction, Machine Equipment Work
  • Interflex SMT Center Utility Mechanical Piping
  • Interflex Smart Center 3FL 1st Additional PJT, Mechanical Piping
  • Interflex a factory extension Project Utility Mechanical Piping
  • Interflex New Factory 1st,4th,5th Utility Piping
  • Daedeok Electronics New Plant Project Utility Main System Hook-up
  • Daedeok Electronics an extension work P3 Utility Piping
  • Daedeok Electronics P2 Utility Extension Project, HVAC Mechanical Piping
  • Daedeok GDS Rent-dong New Construction Utility Piping
  • Daedeok GDS FPC New Construction UTILITY / HVAC Mechanical Piping
  • Daedeok GDS PFC Comprehensive sample line construction FPC MLB Utility Piping
  • Daedeok GDS PTH Clean Room System