Personnel System

  • Operating a fair promotion system considering overall factors such as evaluation on personnel and achievements and awards and punishment, trainings etc.
  • Operating a promotion system by a special selection and a promotion SHIFT system exceeding years of service for excellently competent persons
Welfare We support the happy working environment through welfare benefits.
Social Security National Pension, employment insurance, industrial disaster insurance and health insurance
Meals Offering lunch and dinner Cafeteria
(for employees)
Holidays / Vacation Vacations created on the basis of the Labor Standards Act are divided for use. (Yearly vacation, regular vacation and vacation for family events)
Traffic/Commuting Providing a parking lot (costs paid)
Medical/Health Health Check-up
Supporting to Acquire Licenses We support test fees in case of acquiring licenses related to the job.
Supplies A personal direct telephone, an ID card
(a membership card), the company’s notebook, coupons for condominium/resort
Company Atmosphere Laying emphasis on competent persons, no forceful company gathering, no tie, a conference room (available for presentation), air purifier, wireless internet
Supporting Family Events We’re with family events by paying the corresponding costs for family events of executives and employees.
Company Events A new year’s kick-off ceremony, a year-end ceremony, a foundation day event, awards ceremony for excellent employees and workshops