Quality Management

JINSUNG ENG Co., Ltd. established the guidelines on quality management after acquiring ISO certification for thorough quality management, and all executives and employees as well as the CEO recognize quality is the minimum condition for customer satisfaction and implement as follows in order to deliver the best result complying with customers.

Aware of the standard manual of quality management
Practicing risk-zero quality preventive activities
Regular trainings to enhance the awareness on quality
Identifying customers’ requests exactly
Aiming for customers’ satisfaction as the top priority
Applying a periodic quality inspection process
Reflecting legal restrictions on all works
Operating customized customer-oriented quality management
Pre-removal of elements not required for implementing work standardization
Providing integrated services of design/construction/operation
Creating culture of quality management with wide-company participation
Selecting and awarding business places for excellent quality
Diagnosing quality management and periodic analyses
Exposing failure cases and preparing plans to improve sharing
Internal screening on quality constantly and evaluating its effectiveness